Sharon Elizabeth Best

Offering bespoke services at home, at work, on line and outside in nature.

I have 20 years experience in the wellness industry. This includes 14 years experience as a Senior Health & Wellbeing Physiologist. My experience involves coaching clients on resilience, sleep, optimum nutrition, mental and physical health & wellbeing. I have taught mindfulness meditation and pilates for nearly 10 years. Previously teaching a range of fitness classes and personal training for 10 years in peoples homes and private centres. Over the years I have run private mindfulness meditation retreats and workshops, and presented locally and nationally on mindfulness meditation. I currently work part time in ecotherapy whilst continuing to teach pilates and mindfulness.

I am just about to complete an MSc in Psychology of Mental Health and Wellbeing. I have studied Social Theraputic Hortculture, Green Care and I’m completing the RHS level 2 in horticulture. I hold a Post Graduate degree in Nutrition, Phsyical Activity and Public Health, with a second Post Graduate degree in Advanced Health and Wellbeing Physiology. My under graduate degree is in Sports Science and Leisure Management.

I am insured to offer online and in person workshops on mindfulness meditation, nutrition, wellbeing, pilates and lots more!

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