Winter greens on a plant based diet

Ensuring our diet is high in green coloured foods helps boost iron, magnesium, vitamin C , calcium and folic acid. All important micronutrients to help boost energy if you are feeling fatigued this January.

Including spinach, kale, and broccoli every day may help to boost energy levels, improve skin and hair and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Green leafy vegetables form part of non -heme iron rich foods alongside dried fruits like apricots, lentils and pulses. To help non-heme iron absorption it is advised to include vitamin C rich foods with them such as tomatoes. Avoiding caffeine especially at meal times all help improve absorption on non-heme iron.

Following a plant based diet especially a vegan diet may reduce levels of Vitamin B12 increasing fatigue, pale skin and heart rate changes. Including foods high in B12 with a Vegan diet may be more tricky. Ensuring you consume fortified plant based milk and cereals helps to boost B12 intake.

Noticing your food colours and seeing green in your meal times at least once if not more helps to improve health and wellbeing longterm.

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