The power of exercise: Can you balance?

Physical fitness encompasses not just cardiovascular exercise but balance, flexibility and muscular strength and endurance.

Balance training is important for all of us young and old. Sports people and runners are prone to ankle and knee injuries. Performing a few minutes balance training twice a week may help reduce the risk of injury. This could be using a wobble board or balance pad at home or in the gym.

As we get older and find we are less steady on our feet including balance training in our daily lives may help to reduce the risk of falls. Brushing your teeth standing on one leg helps the body become more aware of how muscles support us when standing and how to effectively balance. This is taken a step further if we do this with our eyes shut!

Balance training doesn’t take long but helps improve core strength as we need our core to help centre ourselves. We also need to be fully engaged in what we are doing when we are balancing and therefore we are also being fully present – another mindful activity!

Tai chi, martial arts, yoga, pilates, wobble boards, balance pads, stability balls and foam rollers are all ways to add balance training into your week.

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