Human being!

Funny how we were not named human doings! In these uncertain times we may now start to truly undertand the word human being.

Our brains have two different modes doing and being. In our busy lives we are so used to doing things we spend very little time just being. Now that we have all been at home for weeks we may start to notice how much we feel the urge to do things. Just being isn’t something most of us practise unless we are on holiday or at the weekend. Being during the week may not be your normal, it may not feel comfortable as we wrestle with the resistance of wanting to do things.

Of course we need to do things in our day but is equally important to learn just to have a sense of being in our day. When we can consciously come out of doing mode and allow ourselves to just be this has a dramatic affect on our minds. At first the doing mode will try to over ride the being mode. Learning just simple mindfulness meditation exercises help reduce a busy, doing, overthinking mind to a calm and peaceful mind within a few minutes. Noticing without judgement when doing thoughts come to mind but bringing your attention back just to being present. Learning just to enjoy being in the moment noticing the sky, clouds, flowers, the air what ever is around you. Mindfulness meditation and being present help reduce anxiety and fear that come from a busy overthinking mind. We only live in the moment, take time to enjoy the special moments what ever they may be at home. Being present is a gift the same as human is to being!

Try this for 2 minutes each day and gradually build up to 5 or 10 minutes each day

Daily mindfulness meditation

  1. Sit comfortably in a chair
  2. Notice your feet connect to the floor and feel grounded
  3. Place your hands on your lap, palms open
  4. Relax your shoulders, and any tension you notice in your body
  5. Bring your attention to noticing your breathing
  6. Notice the sound and sensation as you breathe
  7. Notice something that is happening or you see in the present moment
  8. Focus and concentrate on what it is, if you can feel it
  9. If your mind wanders to doing thoughts accept this is normal, notice what the thought is and then bring your attention back to being present
  10. Sit with this for 2 minutes to begin with and gradually increase the time daily in different situations or places inside or outside

Written by Sharon Elizabeth Best

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