How often do you find yourself spinning multiple plates in life? Juggling home life, work, family, friends, health issues, getting enough sleep and exercise and paying the bills can feel like an endless to do list that 24 hours just is never enough time! Constantly trying to do everything you can to keep everything and everyone in your immediate family going can drain your physical and emotional energy. So how do we keep our energy and resilience topped up so that our busy lives don’t affect our mental and physical wellbeing?

Mindfulness meditation is a great way to find stillness in a frantic day. Just a few minutes taking time out to press pause, focus on you, being in the moment with the all the plates on freeze is so important. If we can master the art of pausing, taking in the peace and stillness then we may find our energy levels topped up for the rest of the day.

If we are able to spend time reflecting on why we are doing all the things we do, how we ensure we don’t burn out and how we take care of ourselves we may also find that on reflection we may be using energy we didn’t need to. Understanding what is important to us can easily get mixed up when bills, family and health issues take over. Our true self and what we want to achieve in life may get lost. We may not pursue those ideas and goals and working away from our true self may drain us. Learning to say no, for many is very hard, especially if you are someone like me who wants to help as many people as you can.

How do you find solitude and peace? Mindfulness and meditation can help the mind quickly switch from doing to being and with practise even the most frantic of days can have calm still moments.

Using a journal to reflect on your achievements, thoughts, and how you apply self care each day may help enhance your personal and professional growth. Self reflection can help us recognise our strengths and unique gifts. It can help us self regulate our emotions by taking the time to reflect on how we react when under pressure and whilst all our plates are spinning. Most importantly when we reflect allowing yourself to be non judgmental, not to criticise or judge yourself, but to evaluate and take notice of how to lead a resilient and peaceful life in an ever changing world.

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