Looking up!

Have you noticed the blossom on the trees? For many of us rushing around, our minds are too busy in automatic pilot. We may not take the time to fully notice what is going on in nature. If we did, we may start to notice it helps our wellbeing in a number of ways….

Taking the time to look up, pause, notice the blossom, sky, clouds and birds is a conscious descision. It may not feel like much of a change but those few seconds to intentionally change your view in that moment has a big impact on your brain. As you start to notice the colours, the shapes, the scent, feel the breeze, sunshine or hear the birds your senses draw you into the present moment. Your mind in that moment forgets everything that is making you feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, low in mood and in that moment calm and balance is restored. If we intentionally do this for short intervals through our day everyday we may notice we feel less stressed, less overwhelmed and less anxious. We may take joy in noticing the amazing and beautiful things in nature that make us go ‘WOW’. These moments lift our mood and help balance the negative thoughts and emotions we notice each day. Our brain (pre frontal cortex) is strengthened and we are more able to view our a day in a positive way.

Pausing to notice something in nature has a big impact on our bodies too. As we start to be more present our bodies realises we don’t have to be in the ‘fight or flight’ mode 24/7. It realises OK, in this moment I can stop pumping stress hormones (Cortisol), stop a racing heart beat and raised blood pressure, stop releasing fat and sugar in case we meet a lion and actively switch on the other part of the bodies nervous system that deals with rest, relaxation and digestion. Small moments each day pausing, looking at nature may help lower blood pressure, help lower blood glucose levels and cholesterol levels, helping to reduce or manage diabetes, heart disease and a whole list of other health conditions.

There are so many things we cannot control in our lives that affect our wellbeing. What we can control is taking a few moments or minutes each day to notice nature.

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