The power of exercise: Don’t forget your bottom!

it is recommended that full body exercise be performed twice a week. This should be 8 to 10 full body exercises of 12 to 15 repetitions of 1-3 sets. This helps maintain lean tissue, reduce body fat, assist the body with regulating insulin and assist with bone density.

If you sit all day including exercises for your bottom (glutes) is important as these become weak along with your core and increase your risk of back pain. Your hip flexors become tight and all this affects the shape of the spine, posture and increases your risk for back pain.

Walking, running and cycling do not include any load bearing exercises for the upper bones of the shoulders and arms. Sitting causes the smaller stability muscles of the upper back to become weak increasing the risk for shoulder and upper back pain.

Using your body weight, resistance band or light weights twice a week for 5 to 10 minutes performing squats, lunges, the bridge and single leg deadlifts for the lower body alongside upper body exercise such as shoulder press, upright row, seated row, tricep dips help to strengthen and tone the upper body. If you feel strong physically, mentally we may also feel strong. Working on muscular strength and endurance each week helps improve physical and mental wellbeing.

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