The power of talking! Part 1: to others

Today in the UK is ‘time to talk’ day, helping people manage their emotional wellbeing.

Talking about our true feelings and thoughts is a very important way to help manage stress, anxiety and depression. We may be lucky enough to have friends or family we can confide in and talk openly about how we feel. For many of us we may not feel able to talk about how we feel honestly as we don’t want to burden others or feel they won’t understand. If this is the case having the courage to speak to a professional such as a GP or counsellor may be the first step in helping improve your health & wellbeing. In the work place you may have an employee assistance program or in schools emotional support is available.

Within my work I am grateful that people feel they can talk to me so that I can then refer them on for additional support. I do notice that asking the right questions helps people to start a conversation about how they truly feel. If you feel you do want to talk to someone remember this is not a sign of weakness but a sign of courage and strength that you want to feel better.

There are so many resources to help you start the conversation, these may be helpful

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