The power of talking! Part 2: to yourself

How we communicate with ourself has a huge impact on our mood. We may not be consciously aware of our ‘internal voice’ but we all have one. If we take the time to notice our thoughts and feelings we may start to notice these may be affected by self doubt and self criticism, draining our resilience and stopping us from noticing all the things we do well.

When was the last time you said a positive statement to yourself? When did you last recognise you did something well or achieved something in your day no matter how small? Taking time to notice these things and to say something positive to yourself helps boost confidence, self esteem and self worth.

Affirmations are a sentence that you can create to help reduce internal negative, critical talk. They are based on the present tense and help you to be mindful. they should contain a positive statement and be relevant and meaningful to you. For example –

‘ I am feeling happy today because..’

‘ I am grateful today for …’

‘ I enjoy each day because …’

Repeating a positive affirmation though the day helps reduce negative internal dialogue. It has a powerful affect on the brain opening the door to a new way of thinking, communicating and viewing the world and helping reduce anxiety and low mood. Try it today and every day it only takes a few seconds to help change the way you feel and think!

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