View your day a new way!

What we choose to see, hear, feel and think about each day often comes about through habit. These habits affect our mood and can impact or physical and mental wellbeing.

We all have the ability to view our day differently if we choose to. Yes the day may be the same routine but if we become more mindful of connecting to our senses we may view our day in a completely different way. The dreary commute to work may suddenly be illuminated by the stars, moon or the sun rising if we choose to notice it. We start to notice the birds chatter or the breeze on our skin. All ways to come out of automatic pilot, be present and view each day a different way.

Viewing your day differently has a powerful affect on what you think, how you feel and how you behave. Just by viewing your day differently challenges your beliefs, your patterns of thinking. This may then impact how you behave towards food, alcohol, smoking, exercise and sleep.

Take a fresh look at today and reset! Be mindful of what you see, hear, smell and taste. Be mindful of how you think and feel and take and focus on achieving a good day, one you feel grateful for in any way. Grateful that you took a few seconds just to change your view and that you had the power to change the way you behaved in that day.

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