Focusing on one thing

It is very easy to become overwhelmed with all that is happening in the world today. Everyone may feel a sense of unease and anxiety not knowing what each day will now hold for us. Whilst we are now faced with overwhelming information and stories we still must try to remain aware of the importance of focusing on one thing.

Gardening, sewing, listening to music, colouring, cooking, exercise all of these activities if we choose to require us to focus on what we are doing and being in the moment. Being mindful of focusing on one thing helps our mind reduce busy overwhelming thoughts. It helps to remind us that we only ever exist in this present moment as we always have done.

Take the time to concentrate on one thing. Notice the colours, focus on the shape, the smell, the texture and pay attention to that one thing what every your choose it to be for as long as you can. Even 2 minutes or more is 2 minutes less worrying and may help boost your positive emotions and assist with feeling in a calmer state. Having mindful breaks each day just to focus on one thing, they may be different each day are all important to reduce anxiety and feel less overwhelmed.

Concentration meditation exercise:

  • Take 2 minutes to sit peacefully and look at the image of the flower above
  • Notice its colours and its shapes
  • As you focus become aware of concentrating just on the flower
  • If you notice a thought come into your mind accept this is normal but bring your attention back to the flower
  • Try not to be critical or frustrated if your mind wanders, this is normal for everyone, learning to focus on one thing takes practise
  • Aim to set a side 2 minutes or more each day to focus and concentrate on one thing

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