The world today has become a daunting an anxious place for us all. But viewed in a different way just for a short time may help reduce anxiety and boost mental wellbeing as we start to change the way we live our daily lives.

As we adjust to new routines, new ways of working and living it is especially important at this time to notice what we have. To take the time to feel grateful for even the smallest things we may have usually taken for granted.

“Gratitude turns what we have in to enough”.

As the world changes viewing points in our day with gratitude may help reduce fear and anxiety over what food we have, how much money we have, what we have achieved in that day. As we become unable to see friends and family finding ways to communicate with them, being grateful that we were still able to talk to them in some way.

We only ever exist in the present moment. Feeling grateful and acknowledging what made us feel grateful can turn help change our mindset, boost positive emotions and resilience and support our mental wellbeing.

Writing 3-5 things down each day that we noticed we were grateful for that made us smile, laugh, we felt in awe of, that made us feel alive has been clinically found to help reduce anxiety and depression. Use a post it note, journal/diary or work board and take the time everyday to be aware of what you feel grateful for.

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