Hold the world in your heart

In such uncertain times taking the time to meditate and focusing on feeling a sense of calm and compassion may help reduce daily anxiety, fear and panic. There are many mindfulness meditation exercises based on loving kindness meditation.

If we wish everyone we meet love, happiness and and good health each day we reduce judgement, bitterness, anger and irritation all emotions that cause us to feel stressed, anxious and unhappy. Taking a few minutes each day to pause, notice your breathing, sit calmly and bring our attention to wishing wellness to the ones we love, the people in our community and the people suffering in the world helps build compassion in us all. We cannot change the world but if we choose to we can increase our levels of compassion and kindness in times of need.

Having positive emotions each day such as feeling kindness and compassion actually helps our bodies lower our internal stress response (fight or flight). Positive emotions towards ourselves and others helps to lower our heart rate, blood pressure, reduce stress hormones adrenalin and cortisol and helps our body release immune boosting hormones DHEA.

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