Our emotions are like waves

What we think about and how we feel are transient. They change throughout the daytime dependant on what we are doing, where we are and who we are with. Being in isolation during Covid-19 may have had a big impact on the way we feel and think each day.

Mindfulness meditation helps us to understand that we can learn to view our thoughts and feelings almost as though we were on top of a wave riding with it rather against it. When we learn to see the emotion over time we may begin to accept it, see why we feel the way we do. We can then identify if there are things we can control that may be affecting the way we feel. We cannot control the universe but we can control what we have eaten, had to drink, how much exercise we have taken that day. We can control whether we have taken the time to connect with others, taken the time to do something we enjoy, learnt something new. All these things we can control and have an impact on how we feel and think.

When we actively do these things we become more proficient in riding our waves of emotions each day. We can learn to accept their are times we may feel sad, angry, irritated or afraid. We become more aware that these feelings can pass through the daytime to feel less severe if we are mindful of what we do to help manage them. Having less negative thoughts and emotions helps reduce are alarm bell and helps us feel positive calming emotions that help our bodies boost its immune system, lower blood pressure, help maintain a healthy weight and waist size.

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