Daily wins!

Feeling a sense of accomplishment and that you have achieved something each day is especially important at this time. Setting a small goal each day and achieving it helps boost positive thoughts and emotions. It helps boost our self confidence, self worth and self belief which all contribute to us feeling happier and fulfilled.

What do you feel you have accomplished today? Now we have that time, using it wisely and taking time in your day to set a small goal and achieving it may help with your mental wellbeing. Setting a SMART goal which is specific, measured, realistic, achievable and targeted means that you can feel you have fully accomplished your goal that day.

What will be your goal for tomorrow? :

Two minutes or more meditating in the morning before work/bed on Monday

Trying a new exercise routine such as Yoga for 20 minutes in the morning/ evening

Reading a new book for 5 to 10 minutes at a quiet time of day in a room/place you feel at peace

Trying a new recipe for the evening meal with food you have in the cupboard

Emptying your cupboard and giving it a good clear out in the morning

Weeding the garden and planting new flowers in a specific area in your garden/patio

What ever you achieve try to take a minute to acknowledge what you accomplished and feel a sense of achievement in what you have done.

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