Noticing the stars

”Only when it is dark enough are you able to see the stars!’

Martin Luther king Jr.

What a great quote. The days may seem dark with the news of what is happening in the world if we choose just to notice the darkness. We can, if we choose to notice what sparkles through the dark times.

It could be our family, friends, volunteers, health care workers all of which help support and care for us. It could be our pets, nature, the hobbies we enjoy doing.

If you haven’t noticed the stars at night recently, come out of routine and take the time to open the window or just look up at the sky. The marvel of the universe, the stars, the solar system are all around us. If we take the time to notice, we can add wow moments into our day. Feeling a sense of awe with the world all help us to boost positive emotions that help build resilience and help manage anxiety and fear.

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