What did you you enjoy today? That may sound a strange question in the world as it stands today. However if we are able to see the little things we enjoyed in our day, the things that made us smile, made us feel loved, gave us comfort and that we enjoyed, all of these are so important to help stay positive and build resilience.

When we enjoy something such as cooking, sewing, knitting, colouring, gardening, reading, playing, exercise, music & learning something new these all affected how our brain functions each day. Feeling enjoyment stimulates the pre frontal cortex that makes us feel happy, positive and in control. When the pre frontal cortex is working well this quietens the connection to our internal alarm bell the amygdala. When we feel anxious, fear and panic our alarm bell rings loudly.

Whilst we cannot control the world right now we can control how we respond in our new daily routines. Exercise, eating healthily, practising meditation and mindfulness and doing things we enjoy each day may all help each one us get through each day, one day at a time. Taking time to notice and enjoy the things you do at home may help reduce the amount of times our alarm bell rings and help manage our anxiety and fear.

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