Creating new habits

As we all adjust to spending more time at home it may be hard to adjust to changing habits and routines. As humans we are all creatures of habit. We only change our habits if we see a benefit or when we choose too. At present our daily habits and routines have been disrupted but that doesn’t mean we cannot take some control.

Having a routine for each new day is important to add structure and allow you to feel in control of your day. Writing down what you are going to do such as when you will exercise, when you will spend time doing something you enjoy, when you will read or take time to relax and focus on things such as meditation all help build resilience to pressure, stress and anxiety.

Taking the time to accept without resistance that a change in habit or routine creates an opportunity to try something new you may never had time for or that you have always wanted to do is important. Focusing on the positive changes in your day, what you have achieved in that day, and what you feel grateful for in each day may all help support mental wellbeing. Resisting change only adds to stress and anxiety, learning new ways to adjust each day at this present time may help support your mental and physical wellbeing.

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