Feel the breeze!

On a lovely winters day it is lovely to feel the fresh breeze on my face it makes me know I am alive! Our skin is our main sensory organ. In our busy lives rushing round in automatic pilot we may not notice what we are touching or what we feel against our skin. Taking 1 minute to notice the breeze, the sun and all that nature shares with us, and feel it with our skin helps us to be mindful and present. We only live in the present, taking time to notice it helps reduce stress and anxiety and improve wellbeing.

Noticing how our body feel wrapped up in a cosy scarf and hat, warm boots and socks when we move outside helps us to be present. Taking time to notice these small things helps stimulate the part of the brain that deals with positive rational thinking. Its quite easy to go for a walk and miss all of this whilst we worry about the bills, our health and future.

Feeling and touching things that we notice that make us feel alive and gives us comfort are important every day. Whether it is the sun, breeze, cosy socks and hat, holding hands with loved ones, stroking a pet or cuddling under a big blanket they all help improve wellness if we take the time to notice and feel them each day.

One response to “Feel the breeze!”

  1. Love this…so true helps to tune in’ and helps divert the mind to comforting things when feeling overwhelmed with health issues too…thank you šŸ’›šŸ™


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