Smell the flowers!

Connecting to our sense of smell can have a powerful affect on the way we feel through the daytime. Noticing the scent of the shower gel in the shower may make you more consciously aware of how busy our minds are in the shower! Just taking a few minutes to notice the fragrance and the water all help us to be more present each day.

Throughout the day using scented hand creams, aromatherapy candles, sticks, scents on a tissue, room sprays all help us to draw us back from a busy over thinking mind to being present letting stressful anxious thoughts go and relieve pain to find an inner peace.

Use you sense of smell each day just a for a few seconds throughout everyday to become more mindful. Become aware of the scents you choose and how they make you feel. Choose ones that make you feel uplifted, energised, calm and relaxed depending on the time of day to help boost physical and mental wellness each day.

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